Our Story

Chamomile Life was started while on a search to find a natural, drug-free and side effect-free remedy to help with the daily stresses of our NYC corporate jobs. One day, we stumbled upon chamomile tea and changed our lives forever. A cup of chamomile tea not only is a scientifically-backed anxiety and stress reliever but it also had a range of other benefits including helping digestive issues, migraines, cramps, allergies, arthritis inflammation, bone loss (osteoporosis), produce insulin & stabilize blood sugar (diabetes), and boost immune system.

However, due to our busy lives, we realized another issue. When you're on the go, you can't just stop your life and make a pot of tea. So, we thought long and hard about how we could capture the benefits of chamomile tea without the tea and without extracts and chemicals. The answer was to create a process where we can actually brew the tea and put it in a low calorie, lightly sweet hard candy. We started making candy in our kitchen about 2017 and it took about 5 years, a million burnt concoctions on the stove, and some help with a member of the Candy Hall of Fame to figure it out.

It was all worth it. Now, we're very proud to have a handmade low calorie, great tasting candy with the amazing benefits of chamomile. At under 10 calories per piece, you can eat these all day and start living the calm and healthy Chamomile Life.